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is vaping safe?

Everything we do in life carries a risk. Getting out of bed in the morning. Not getting out of bed in the morning. Running that yellow light. Walking down the footpath looking at our phones... We make countless decisions every single day that could be unsafe and cause us harm. So safe is a relative term.

Is Vaping safer than smoking cigarettes? All the studies and publications undertaken in the past 3-5 years lean to yes, vaping Australian sourced eLiquids with specialised vape MODS is safer than cigarettes.

is vaping a gateway to cigarettes?

There is no hard evidence to support this. Since the beginning of time teens have engaged in risky behaviours and activities. With the creation of vaping - it is simply the next experiment teens try.

Contrary to the public narrative, in countries where vaping is readily available the decline in youth smoking has accelerated. A study from the US shows that in 2018, smoking rates in high school aged youths had dropped by 30% in spite of a high level of vaping experimentation.

am i inhaling battery acid?

In quality built and manufactured Vaping devices, the battery is in a seperate, isolated chamber to the rest of the device. There is no way the battery can get close to the eJuice or eLiquid that is atomised.

So, no. In a 'proper' vape device, there's no chance of a leaky battery getting into your lungs.

can i get eliquid with nicotine?

A daily question here at VapeOz. The answer is simple. Not from us. 

The supply and sale of eJuice and eLiquid with Nicotine is out-right banned in Australia with fines reaching the hundreds of thousands.

With a prescription, you are able to obtain Nicotine for your personal, legal use. For this, we partner with VapeScripts in order to connect you with your vaping experience.

does nicotine cause cancer?

No, Nicotine does not cause Cancer. The Royal College of Physicians actually state:

Use of nicotine alone, in the doses used by smokers, represents little if any hazard to the user

The overall Cancer risk from Vaping is estimated to be less than 0.5% presented by traditional smoking.

how long do coils last?

This is a question with an annoying answer. It depends on you, your vaping habits, and the eJuice or eLiquid you use.

Some eJuices and eLiquids contain a high level of sugars, this in turn shortens the life of most coils. Also, the amount of pulls you have determines the length of your coil. 

Some coils can last up to a week, some, a few days. This is something that will require trial and error for you to find your best fit.

how long do batteries last?

Again, an annoying answer. Your individual vaping habits determine this answer.

What wattage you vape at, how long your pulls last, how many pulls you take all play a part in how long a full battery charge will last you.

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