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Disposable Vapes are Dangerous; Plain and Simple

Disposable Vapes are Dangerous; Plain and Simple

Put plainly and simply - disposable vapes are dangerous. Use once vapes that can be purchased from Service Stations, on Facebook Marketplace and other unregulated websites are dangerous - not to mention just as expensive as traditional smoking.

Who's who in the Zoo

Because Vaping and Vape is such a thrown around word, the first step in understanding this is education. We are advocates for vaping and vape products - proper, regulated, controlled and responsible vaping. Disposable Vapes are none of these things and it's important to understand this.

  • Regulated Vaping - a noted, reputable, international product that has gone through rounds and rounds of development with consultation from Doctors, product engineers and other medical professionals, legally imported and sold in Australia. E-Liquids that are crafted and produced under Food Safety regulations, just like everything you buy from Woolworths.
  • Unregulated Disposable Vapes - uncontrolled, illegally grey-imported from China laced with poor quality E-Liquid and a Nicotine solution. Low-quality, cheap construction with zero regard to safety, protection or fail safes. 

Yes, you read that correctly, Disposable Vapes are not only dangerous in their construction and contents, they're also illegal in Australia.

Okay, why are they dangerous?

If you smoked Winfield Blue cigarettes, you'd be smoking equivalent to 12mg of Nicotine. Disposable vapes, such as iGet XXLs, or GUNNPODs have been tested with as much as 80mg of Nicotine. In addition to this, Nicotine is not a naturally occurring substance, so it has to be made. The conditions and regulations of the labs where Chinese Nicotine is made are far below the Federal Australian Standards in place for Australian Nicotine production.

The chemicals used to create the E-Liquid, or flavour are also under strict control here in Australia, the UK and the US. In China however, these controls do not exist.

Another factor to consider is the quality of construction and materials used in the making of the disposable vapes vs. a regulated continued use vape. Our friends over at Vape Voodoo actually took apart a disposable vape to show the insides, construction and quality vs. a regulated vape. Have a look for yourself.

The cost of regulated vaping vs. disposable vapes

This is one of the majorly troubling aspects of this argument. Disposable vapes are much, much more expensive than regulated vaping; and they're illegal! To help explain this in simple money terms, we've broken it down so you can see what and where the costs are for you.

iGet Pro

Using the pricing from an iGet website selling to Australia, we can see that an iGet Pro Energy Rush product that's rated for 5,000 puffs is $65 ($80 shipped).

  • How long would 5,000 puffs last? This will depend on how you vape. If you're a heavy vaper 5,000 puffs should last about 5-days. The thing to note here is the battery is not rechargeable or replaceable, so once the battery runs out of power, the device is useless and thrown in the bin. Given the quality of the battery, the long transit time from China to Australia and how long they're sitting around, your 5,000 puffs might easily drop to 3,000 by the time you buy it

Vaporesso X Moti Mini Mod

The purpose-built, award winning Vaporesso X Moti Mini Mod has been chosen to go head-to-head with the disposable vapes due to its size, its ease of use and its cost; which is $38 ($47.99 shipped).

  • How long does the Vaporesso X Moti Mini Mod last? Simply put, forever. As this is a regulated product, with a warranty, it's a multi-use product. You will however need to purchase additional items to use this product, but we'll go into them now
  • What do you need to buy? In addition to the once-off purchase of the Mod, you'll need to buy E-Liquid and Coils as these are your consumables
  • How long does the battery last? Again, this will depend on your level of vaping. If you're a heavy vaper, the Mini Mods battery will last around 6-7 hours. If you're a light vaper, the battery should last 1-2 days. When it's dead, simply charge it via the USB-C cable, like your phone, and you're good to go
  • How long to Coils last? Like the battery, heavy vapers will need a new coil every 6-7 days, light vapers could easily get 1-2 weeks per coil
  • How long does eJuice last? You guessed it, the more you vape, the more you'll need. A heavy vaper will get 6-7 days from a 110mL bottle if eJuice, but a light vaper will hold onto that bottle for almost a month 

Costs over a month

Let's say you're a medium vaper and your iGet Pro lasts you 7-days. Over a month, that's over $250 spent on poor quality, dangerous, illegal disposable vapes. Now let's purchase a regulated, quality, award winning product WITH the consumables that you'll need:

That's a total initial cost of $89, then $51 per month for what you'll need to vape happily, safely and legally each month. At over $200 cheaper, legal and using eJuices with so much variety and flavour why the hell would you do anything else?