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Guide to Legally Vape with Nicotine in Australia 2023

Legally Vape with Nicotine

It's impossible to legally vape with nicotine using Chinese Disposables like iGet, V5, Gunnpods and more despite how dangerous, expensive, and just down-right nasty they are people keep doing it! So, we've decided to walk you through the entire process of legally vaping with Nicotine in Australia to show you that it's not even close to as difficult as you may think!

The increasing and ongoing use of disposable vapes in Australia is a much bigger issue than most realise. Vaping is a fantastic way to help smokers quit their nicotine addiction in a safer, more manageable way; for both them and those around them. For the Australian government to get on board like the UK and New Zealand governments and start supporting this as the viable tool that it is, we need to stomp out the dangerous, unregulated trash that are the Disposable Vape products.

Vaping with Nicotine in Australia is 100% legal if you have a prescription for the Nicotine. There seems to be some misinformation, or straight up lies about how to obtain a prescription, or if even obtaining one is possible. Let’s clear that up now.

Legally Vape with Nicotine

Step One in Legally Vape with Nicotine in Australia

Find yourself a reputable, trusted, long-running Vape specialist store, we suggest VapeOz, who have trained, passionate staff that will be able to guide you to the correct hardware and products for you. We live and breathe vaping (excuse the pun) so we know the right products for you.

Grab your products, for 99% of those walking into Regulated Vaping from cigarettes or disposables, you’ll need a simple MOD like the Vaporesso X Moti Mini and some replacement coils. All in, you’re looking at around $59 to start.

Step Two in Legally Vape with Nicotine in Australia

After you’ve gotten the vape, you’ll need to get an eJuice or eLiquid to use in that vape. This is where decisions can get difficult. A quick glance at the product range and you’re looking at over 2,000 different flavours of eJuice all with varying levels of taste.

You can get some that mimic the flavour of your favourite energy drink, coffee, fruit, savoury foods, sweet deserts etc. my advice would be the Candy Factory Everlasting Gobstopper! Coming in a 100mL bottle, you’re looking at $33 that’ll last you a month.

Legally Vape with Nicotine
Legally Vape with Nicotine

Step Three in Legally Vape with Nicotine in Australia

Now here comes the part that no one seems to really know about, or cares to do. Get your 100% legal nicotine prescription. It really is no different than getting an anti-biotic prescription for example. There are companies already setup in line with government rules and regulations that allow you to get one as simply as filling in a form and then talking to a doctor on the phone for a few minutes.

A group that we recommend to all of our customers is Quit Hero, they specialise in the prescription of nicotine in Australia. Once you’ve got your prescription, head on over to Mixology Vape from New Zealand to purchase your nicotine. Check out our What Nicotine is Right for me article about choosing.

Once your delivery from Mixology Vape gets to you, you’ll just need to mix your nicotine into your eJuice and that’s it, you’re done.

A 100mL bottle of nicotine should last a regular vaper around 12-months (less if you’re vaping more or mixing stronger). So that’s it, three steps to drop the Disposable Vapes, vape safer, vape legally and more importantly, save money!

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