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VapeOz Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting VapeOz. We are an Australian Business committed to the supply and best pricing of Vaping Accessories and equipment. Whilst using our website we will obtain some information which is generally related to you, and others that are specific to you. Please read the VapeOz Privacy Policy to see how we handle your information.

Email Address

Should you choose to sign up to our VapeOz newsletter, we will be in possession of your email address. As no one likes spam emails, we’ll only ever send you emails about upcoming sales, product reviews and news about the industry. We will never sell or share your email address with any other company or entity. Your data is securely stored on cloud accessed servers provided by Google, and located in Pyrmont, NSW Australia. Access to your data is controlled and limited to employees of VapeOz only.

Should you place an order with VapeOz, your billing email address will also be taken and used to identify you as a registered customer, as well as give us the ability to send you order notifications and updates.

Name and Address

Whilst placing an order with us, you will need to provide us with your name and address in order for us to deliver your package.

This information is used solely for this purpose. We will never disclose your name and address to any other business or entity – excluding, of course, our carrier partners who will carry out your delivery.

We will use your first name in specific conversations and dealings with you.

Browsing Behaviour

On our website, we employ something called cookies. These cookies allow us to ‘see’ what you’re doing on our website. They allow us to see what page you entered our site on, where you went, what you clicked and what other pages your visited.

This allows us to judge how successful our website is and where improvements need to be made.

There is zero identifiable information recorded or accessed through cookies. You could be a 24-year old man from Victoria named Charles, or, bigfoot surfing the web on a Samsung Smart Fridge from Poland – we wouldn’t know.

The use of cookies allows us to make a better website for you and the VapeOz Privacy Policy is here to protect your data..

How Long we keep your data

Almost all the information outlined above is kept by us for an ATO recommended 5-year period and stated here in the VapOz Privacy Policy.

Any further questions?

If you have any questions relating to the VapeOz Privacy Policy, you're encouraged to contact us. We're open and ready to answer any questions you may have.